Welcome to Cintias Cafe

Estimated Delivery Time: 60 minutes

Estimated Pickup Time: 30 minutes

Cintia's Cafe is a unque coffee shot that serves different type of beverages with innovative coffees and homemade food items. Our design is friendly and cozy which suits business people and families. We have a large variety of very special and unique food and beverages catering to all guests. we strieve to make our cafe very authentic and sepcail. Birthday parties and different type of gatherings will be our focus to ensure all feel welcome and at home.

We intend to make our Cafe' look and feel different compared to all other worldwide coffee shop chains. Our personalized serivce will distinguish us fromall the rest.



Greate Value

Very Unique and signature offerings

Items catering for all age categories

Large Variety of Starters/Mains Beverages

Plenty of Coffee